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January 15 2016


Beberapa Khasiat Daun Sirsak Untuk Kesehatan Manusia

Beberapa Khasiat Daun Sirsak Untuk Kesehatan Manusia - Night bright, cloudless sky, just filled with billions of stars that make up thousands of formations. Pepohanan evening breeze gently caressing, making it swayed, some beetles seen dancing, flirting partner with emitted light.

Tonight, New Year's Eve. Our city looks crowded by people who will celebrate. Flocked to the square. Watched the fireworks festival. Since this afternoon the streets clear of vehicles. The city government deliberately emptying the road to avoid the traffic jam, filled with impromptu market all the way to the square. On the square was already installed hundreds of lanterns of medium size, with a candle in it makes it look beautiful.

But not many people who choose to celebrate at the lake, playing fireworks above the canoe with his partner, mutually parted the water. Take a look at a pair of lovers who use canoes there, joking off until the fall of the canoe, drenched, making the canoe upside down, then back laughing while managed to reverse the position of the canoe.

Look at the man who lived at the end of town, chose to celebrate at home. Dinner with the family, then gathered in the family room, watching the animated movie on the screen tv, enjoy times like this. Rarely can gather with family, because day-to-day is always busy with the affairs of the office. Morning set off, back again at midnight, morning again set off, it rarely gets job out of town during the holidays.

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